Zineb Benjelloun is an artist and illustrator from Morocco with a background in fine arts and documentary filmmaking. She is inspired by the richness of the iconography within Moroccan culture. Her work celebrates the collective imagination and knowledge. In addition to her exhibition work, Zineb does screen printing, illustrations for children’s books, graphic novels, visual identities for local and international cultural events as well as graphic design for public awareness campaigns.

Selected exhibitions


Dis-placement and Seeking Refuge, as seen through comics, at Museum and Urban Cultural Centre “Beit
”, LB

Resonances, at IFA galerie, Berlin, DE


Shitholes, at Adrienne theater, Philadelphia, US

Printmaker(s), at Kulte, Center of Contemporary Art, Rabat, MO

Kissaria Print Exhibition, at Atelier Kissaria, Tanger, MO

Nouvelle Génération : la bande dessinée arabe d’aujourd’hui, at Musée de la bande dessinée, AngoulêmeFR


Out of frame, American University of Cairo, EG

Ça restera entre nous خلف الباب, Tanit Gallery, Beyrouth, LB                   

Out of frame, Rosa Luxembourg Fondation, Tunis, TN

Swab Art Fair, Focus Magreb, Barcelona, ES

Rock Art, Rock en Seine Festival. Paris, FR


Stadt.Räume / l’espace [de] la villeنص نص (Noss Noss) / Gemischtes Doppel » at Le Cube, Independant art room, Rabat, MO

Communicating Science through Comics, at Projektraum C10, Berlin. Curated by Alexandra Hamman. Berlin. DE

In-situ, at Fondation hiba, Rabat. Curated by Jamal Abdenasser. Rabat. MO

Histoires de villes et autres personnages, solo exhibition at le 18 derb el ferrane, Marrakech, MO


The luxury of dirt at Voice Gallery, Marrakech. MO

Féminin pluriel, at Dar Belarj, Marrakech, MO

Tanger Tanger, at La Gaïté Lyrique, Paris, FR


The Souk, at The Kasbah Museum, Tangier, MO



Master’s Degree (Master 2), Documentary Filmmaking. Université de Provence, Aix-Marseille. FR

Professional thesis: “The role of documentary cinema in Morocco: From the expression of collective imagination towards the consolidation of a visual and cultural identity.”


Master’s Degree (Master 1), Cinema Studies. Concentration: Esthetics, Analysis and Creation. Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. FR

Dissertation: “Jean Rouch: Docu-Fiction, Cine-ethnography, and the use of non professional actors as agents of reality”.


Two-year University Degree in Dramatic Arts. Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. FR

2003 — 2004

Two-year University Degree in Fine Arts. Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. FR


French High School Diploma in Economic Sciences. Concentration: Mathematics. Lycée Descartes, Rabat, MO

Grants and Artists residencies       


Meet the neighbours, is a cross-artform project, spanning 3 years, inviting artists to live side-by-side with members of the public in specific neighbourhoods in 5 cities across Europe and North Africa. Lillers, FR

Houdoud, Mobility from a (post-)colonial perspective: “The fertilization of knowledge through the meeting of art and research », joint project for artist and researchers, IFA galerie, Berlin, DE                            


Houdoud, Mobility from a (post-)colonial perspective: “The fertilization of knowledge through the meeting of art and research », joint project for artist and researchers, INBA Tetouan, MO


RAW Material Company, Center for Art, Knowledge and SocietyArtist residency under the direction of Chimurenga, the panafrican publication of writing, art and politics based in Cape TownDakar, SN


AFAC grantee for Visual Arts (Arab fund for Art and Culture), LB

Lab619 : BD art d’asile, residence of creation organized by the Lab619 collective and the Fondation Rosa Luxembourg on the theme of migration, Tunis, TN

Samandal : sexuality, youth and poetry, residence of writing with the Lebanese collective of comics Samandal, organized by the comics publisher Alifbata based in Marseille, FR


Dar Al-Ma'mûn, research and writing on « Darna », a graphic novel project, Marrakech, MO


Awarded a merit-based scholarship. University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Paris, FR      



Risoprint workshop with Knust Press/Extrapool (Netherlands), at Kulte, center of contemporary art, Rabat, MO


Graphic journalism workshop with MICT (Media in Cooperation and Transition) and Correspondents - A Journalism Platform for North Africa, Tunis, TN


« Science meets Comics, The Anthropocene Kitchen », comics workshop at the Cluster of Excellence, Image, Knowledge, Gestalung of the Humbölt University of Berlin, DE

“De l’espace autre”, drawing workshop as part of the festival Masnâa, Ce qui est là and L’école de littérature, La Source du Lion, art and research space, Casablanca, MO


“Maroc 20”. Narrative graphics applied to Moroccan found footage. Atelier de l’Observatoire, art and research space, Amongst Marrakech Biennale 5 Parallel Projects, MO


Book illustration training for children. Carrefour des Arts, Casablanca, MO

Comics workshop, as part of the first issue of the fanzine " Skefkef", with Open Takafa Collective, Casablanca, MO

Comics workshop as part of the festival Masnâa, La Source du Lion, Casablanca, MO

Documentary filmmaking workshop at the Cinémathèque de Tanger, MO


Writing and directing workshop at the Cinémathèque de Tanger using archival footage focused on collective cultural memory, with Cinémémoire based in Marseille, Tanger, MO

Selected presentations and lectures


“Toward a self image”, as part of the 1-54 Forum “Always decolonise!” curated by Omar Berrada, Marrakech, M0


"Create in times of crisis", as part of the Palest'in and out festival at L'Uzine, art space in Casablanca, MO

"What is the place of illustration in children's book literature in the Maghreb region ? Maghreb Book Fair (1), Oujda, MO

"Face à Picasso, témoignages d'artistes", Musée d'art moderne et contemporain de Rabat, M0

"Think Tanger", on how to define the objectives and modalities for implementing a platform of reflexionn creation and collaborative action that will aim to create cultural activities in and for the city of TangierAtelier Kissaria, Tangier, MO    


"Sexuality seen by women in contemporary comics" at SoBD, the international comics fair in Paris, FR

Artist's work presentation to the Open Society Foundations, MENASA at Dar Al-Ma'mûn, Marrakech, MO


Member of the jury of the first CairoComix Festival in Cairo, EG

"How do Arab comics relate to taboos, to ideology, to political power?" as part of CairoComix 1, Cairo, EG

Artist's work presentation at Tétouan Fine Arts School, Tétouan, M0

Presentation of “Darna” , a graphic novel project, at La Serre (art space), L'Atelier de l'observatoire. Casablanca, M0

Selected publications


Nouvelle génération : La bande dessinée arabe aujourd’hui, Editions Alifbata, Marseille, FR, 2018 — Comics

Bananas, revue critique de bande dessinée, N° 10, Paris, FR — Comics


"Migrations", Lab619 hors série, Tunis, TN, 2017 — Comics

"Revista Fractal", Revista iberoamericana de ensayo y literatura, N°77, Mexico, MX — Illustration and texts


"Ça restera entre nous خلف الباب", Editions Alifbata, Marseille, FR, 2016. — Comics

"Slanted Special Issue – Marrakech", Slanted Publishers, Mannheim, DE, 2016 — Illustration

"The Anthropocene Kitchen", “Khalid”, Mintwissen’s edition, Berlin, DE, 2016. — Comics


 "Exodus + 2°C" ,in Dyptik Magazine n°31, Casablanca, MO, 2015. — Illustration

“+91”, exhibition catalogue for +91 Project, by Laila Hida & Alia Ali, at le 18 Derb El Ferane, Marrakech, MO — Illustrations

Maroc tuning” in Fields Magazine, N°2, “Clans”, 2015, Berlin, DE — Comics

“Yamna et la plante magique”, E-Madrassa, Yanbow Al kitab and Inwi, 2015, Casablanca, MO — Illustrations

“Sauvons notre patrimoine”, E-Madrassa, Yanbow Al kitab and Inwi, 2015, Casablanca, M0 — Illustrations

“La vie de Yousra”, E-Madrassa, Yanbow Al kitab and Inwi, 2015, Casablanca, M0 — Illustrations

”Des animaux pas bêtes”, E-Madrassa, Yanbow Al kitab and Inwi, 2015, Casablanca, M0 — Illustrations

“Mille et une répliques”. Online book for kids for the social campaign for the youth reading E-Madrassa, Yanbow Al kitab and Inwi, 2015, Casablanca, M0 — Illustrations

“Femmes et religions”, La Croisée Des Chemins et Fan Dok, Casablanca, 2015, M0 — Illustrations

“Samandal, généalogie », “Darna”, abstract published in the comics anthology publication,2015, Beyrouth. — Comics


"Skefkef“, "Maroc Honda tuning”, in , Casablanca, 2013 — Comics



“Récits Graphiques”. Comics workshops at ART’COM, Ecole supérieure de Design, Rabat, MO

“Autoportraits”. Children’s illustration workshops at Ecole La Résidence, Casablanca, MO


“Cartographie imaginaires”. Illustration workshops at Ecole supérieure des arts visuels ESAV,  Marrakech, M0


“Dessiner  à plusieurs mains”. Children’s workshops on the theme of Cities and Environment. Paris, Marrakech, Casablanca, Tétouan, Dakar, Oujda.

Graphic design


Visual identity and illustrations for the new collection of Ulili Moroccan brand of candles, Casablanca, MO


Creation of the poster of the artist Damian Jr. Gong Marley as part of the "Rock en Seine" Festival, Paris, FR


Visual identity (poster, signage) of Nuits Sonores Tanger, MO

Visual identity and illustrations for the new collection of Ulili Moroccan brand of candles, Casablanca, MO

2013 — 2014 

Visual identity (poster, signage and mural) of Tanger Tanger Festival at la Gaîté Lyrique. Paris, FR

Visual identity « Féminin pluriel » group show at Dar Bellarj Foundation, Marrakech, MO

Illustrations and visual identity for Ulili Moroccan brand of candles, Casablanca, MO

Creation of the ZNB illustrated company / Illustration, visual identity creation, graphic design, publishing, documentary filmmaking in Casablanca, MO

2012 — 2009

Graphic design for the corporate calendars of the PLV Ice Maghreb Company. Casablanca, MO

2011 Graphic design and illustration for the “Casablaklaxoon” campaign on sound pollution in Casablanca, MO



Sound Engineer and Editor — “Ballades”. A documentary film tracing the oral traditions of Andalusia and the contribution of the Moors to local songs and legends. Andalucia, Spain.


Co-writer — “Secret(s)aires”. A documentary film which challenges and investigates the image of the secretary in fiction and in the collective imagination by following four women though their daily routine and getting a rare glimpse of an almost exclusively feminine work space. Paris, France.


Director — “Neptune” (13 min). A documentary film about a social reinsertion through work program based out of a junk shop in the Montreuil area of Paris, France.


Decorator and Prop Master — Two short films on raising awareness for the French League Against Cancer. Sponsored by Arte TV, in partnership with the University of Paris, France.


Director — “Belleville” (3 min). An experimental movie on Super 8 in and about the Belleville (Paris) neighbourhood. Paris, France.


Director — “Magouilles” (13 min), produced by the Festiv’art, Short Film Festival of Limoges. Best screenplay award. Paris, France.

Movie/TV production

2011 — 2012

Head of the Documentary Programming Department at Medi 1 TV (National Television Station), Tangier. Responsible for programming, editorial oversight, as well as writing and directing documentary programs. Tanger, MO


Cultural mediator at the 2nd Nouzah Fennia (Art Walks) of the Casablanca City Arts Festival. Responsible for multimedia content and promotion. Responsible for video programming for the entire festival. Casablanca, MO


Head of hosting at the 3rd edition of FIDADOC, International Documentary FilmFestival of Agadir, MO

Intern at the 5th Panorama of Maghrebi Film festival at the Ecran, an art-house cinema in Saint Denis, FR


Production Assistant at Alif Productions in Paris which has documented North African culture in France for the past 20 years, focusing on issues of immigration and integration. Paris, FR


Arabic. Native Speaker / French. Native Proficiency / English. Fluent Speaker / Spanish. Working Knowledge