“Darna ou la maison des héritiers”, published with AFAC (arab fund for art and culture), Casablanca, 2018

“Darna” is a graphic novel, which documents the history of colonial and post-colonial Morocco as it is manifested in the daily lives of three generations of the artist’s family. The book is developed from extensive archives found both in public and private collections, video and sound recordings, as well as family testimonies. The tone is subtly funny and relevant.


“Scengen way of life”, in Migrations, Lab619 hors série, Tunis, TN, 2017

"Nouara”, in Ça restera entre nous خلف الباب, Editions Alifbata, Marseille, FR, 2016

“Khalid”, in The Anthropocene Kitchen – Visualising the Future of Food, Mintwissen’s edition, Berlin, DE, 2016

Ten »expert citizens« from ten different countries provide insights into their current food situation as the protagonists in the non-fiction comic. Together with the results of our researchers’ work, these perspectives are embedded in a narrative by a media designer and translated into visual form by the artists. Drawing from the findings in the individual chapters and the symposium, potential future paths are identified and implemented in the final chapter of the book, produced collectively by all project members.


"Maroc Honda tuning”, in Skefkef N°1, Casablanca, 2013